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A D I   P A R T  2

This course will prepare you for the ADI Part 2, which is the driving element of the ADI exam. This includes an eyesight test and test of driving technique.

This course comprises 15 hours’ one-to-one coaching to bring your driving up to the very high standard required to pass this test.

The 15 hours is usually taken as three one-day sessions of five hours each.

This is a practical course and attendance will be required at the Training Establishment.

For the course you will be supplied with the books Core Competencies Made Even Easier and 1771 Driving [total value for books, £60].

Usually spread over 3 weeks, but can be tailored to suit the client’s commitments.
Consider blending this course with the ADI Part 1 training to accelerate learning and to progress you through the system more quickly.

The cost of this course is £895 + VAT at current rate. Day courses are also available at £365 + VAT per day.

NEED TO KNOW: This test has changed as from 27 December 2017, and training now reflect those changes
The ADI Part 2 test lasts for approximately 1 hour and includes an eyesight test, vehicle safety questions [three ‘tell me’ and two ‘show me’ on the move] and a drive on various types of road. You will be asked to carry out two reversing exercises out of these four: parallel and bay park [forward and reverse] and pull up on the right and reverse two car lengths. Independent driving is a required element lasting 20 minutes, either by sat nav or following road signs [1 in 5]. You may be asked to carry out an emergency stop [1 in 3]. You will pass if you accrue no more than 6 driver faults and commit no serious or dangerous faults.

Clients will be responsible for their own test fee, payable to DVSA. The current test fee at time of writing is £111.
NOTE: If you buy two or three parts of the training together you will receive a 10% and 20% discount respectively.


“…Passed my Part 2 first time – thank you so much… I was on cloud 9 when I drove back… all of the tips and hints you gave me were superb and enabled me to attend for the test with all of the necessary ‘rules and tools’… Thank you!”
Janice, PDI

“…Job done, just passed with a score of only two minor faults… your training was very professional and left no area unclear… superb coaching which was enjoyable and I learned something every time… ”
Paresh, PDI

“…Following your excellent training I felt very confident… nothing fazed me on the day and I got through successfully with two driver faults… Thank you… ”
Laura, PDI

“…I was confident of passing, that’s what your training did for me… everything just fell into place and I remembered to put all of your advice into practice… cheers!|
Tom, PDI

“…Passed with one minor fault… really pleased with that… the mock tests helped especially by pin-pointing those aspects that I needed to polish… and I didn’t get marked down for those once!”
Helen, PDI

‘…Just passed my Part 2 today first time with only 3 driver faults… the training was extremely helpful and it was the planning that made the most difference… over the years I’d become complacent and you helped to to sharpen up my driving… thank you!”
Roz,  PDI

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