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A D I   P A R T  3

This course will prepare you for the ADI Part 3, which is the instructional element of the ADI exam. This currently [changing to a Standards Check based criteria on 27 December 2017] comprises two phases in which the examiner role-plays pupils at different stages.

Please Note: the appropriate course will be used: if you’re taking a Part 3 before 27 December 2017 the Part 3 will be assessed under the old system.

As from 27 December 2017, all Part 3 tests will be assessed as per the Standards Check criteria. You’ll present for a test with a pupil. Role-play is not an option.

The training will be tailored to whichever system you’ll be tested under.

This course comprises 40 hours’ one-to-one coaching to bring your teaching up to the very high standard required to pass this very demanding test.

The 40 hours is usually taken as eight one-day sessions of five hours each.

This is a practical course and attendance will be required at the Training Establishment.

For the course you will be supplied with the books, 1771 Driving, Core Competencies Made Even Easier and ADI Standards Check: Essential Information, and a full colour diagram book 1551 Coaching [total value for books £165].

Usually spread over 2-8 weeks, but can be tailored to suit the client’s commitments.

The cost of this course is £2335 + VAT at current rate. Day courses are also available at £365 + VAT per day.


As from 27 December 2017, the Part 3 test will change to a Standards Check test.

These are the recommended books for the new Part 3 Test:

   ADI Standards Check: Essential Information

   1771 Driving

   Core Competencies Made Even Easier

  1551 Diagram Book

Please visit the online store for details of the above


From 27 December 2017 you will need to attend with a pupil and will be observed teaching.
The ADI Part 3 Standards Check test lasts for approximately 1 hour and includes an assessment of your teaching under three main headings: lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning strategies. You will pass if you achieve a minimum overall score of 31 [out of 51], and at least 8 out of 15 on the risk management section.
Clients will be responsible for their own test fee, payable to DVSA. The current test fee at time of writing is £111.

NOTE: If you buy two or three parts of the training together you will receive a 10% and 20% discount respectively.

For more information, or to book a course please text P3 to 07725 121 121

Clients visit from all over the UK. This is what they say about the training:


“…I really enjoyed your training… It was bespoke and I felt as if it was just for me and tailored to my needs… the structure of the course was superb and I liked the way that you challenged me each day to improve my coaching… your training goes above and beyond and provided me with all the ‘rules and tools’ necessary to teach anyone at any stage… I felt really confident approaching the test and felt really prepared… I was excited and nervous in equal measures but I knew exactly what I was doing… I like your attention to detail and that you provided me with a structure for all lessons… to go from amateur to professional in eight days is fantastic and a tribute to your thoroughness and professionalism… definitely worth the round trip of 1,452 miles… I’m buzzing now and really looking forward to setting up my own school… I could not have done this without you – Thank you so much!”
Janice, ADI

“…I’ve passed! Whoop whoop! What a relief… credit to you for all your help… glad it’s over now, lol! ”
Danielle, ADI

“…Passed! I got 42/B… gutted to miss the Grade A by one mark… something to aim for on my SC… Thank you for the encouragement to take a family member FLH, when others were doubting… I was pleased to get 13/15 on risk management and the examiner said it was a nice client-centred approach… During the first training day, I thought WOW, this is the “business”… So well structured, many “penny” dropping moments, putting things into practice, very informative and best of all……FUN!!! Also, realising at last what CLIENT CENTRED LEARNING was… I booked another development day prior to  the Part 3 date. Friday 8th June, off I travel to London to Brian’s training site. Once again, what a day, so Informative and developmental… I thank you wholeheartedly, for what you’ve done. Very inspiring and now a mentor in my journey to qualifying. I’m sure we’ll meet again and continue this journey when my SC is due… the books were a tremendous help as well and I’ll continue to read them… ”
Ash, ADI

“…Good news – I passed! What helped most was your advice on how to structure the lessons…the mock tests were also so very helpful… your coaching was straightforward and sharp… the books were all absolutely helpful and I read them over and over… many thanks for all your help and support… I appreciated a lot your direct, straightforward approach – targeted and efficient – a model to follow… ”
Paul, ADI

“…Thank you – I passed! I will get an A next time… 10 on Risk Management is good… the examiner thought I had been teaching [I wasn’t on a trainee licence] and liked the structure of the lesson… Your coaching was superb and prepared me thoroughly for this test… Many thanks… ”
Adela, ADI

“…So glad I passed… thank you so much for all your help and believing in me… I know I wouldn’t have done it without you…. ”
Barry, ADI

“…It was the starter for ten that worked for me and, of course, the Risk Management… the risks and consequences really helped and I made sure I put those in… Thank you!!”
Alice, ADI

—————- End of the Old Part 3 – No More PSTs ——————-

“…Woooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!! Passed!… The examiner said I worked my socks off for it… He said it was very good… Thanks again for all your help… I really liked the way you broke down the elements into small, manageable exercises… Explaining the consequences was helpful… The step-by-step approach worked well and stuck with me… I came away from your training with a lot of positivity and convincement [yes, it is a word now] and I came away highly motivated and ready to take on the world… ”
Nadine, ADI

“…Passed this morning!… I’d had 60 hours with my previous trainer and failed twice… just one day’s training with you was extremely helpful and I learned things I hadn’t been told before, like sitting at 45 degrees and watching the pupil… your guidance on fault identification was spot on and you really built my confidence… Thanks very much for your support and guidance… ”
Waqar, ADI London

“…I passed!!! 4/4 Thanks for your wonderful training methods… this has made my day… It was worth all the travelling… the two-and-a-half hour ferry crossing from Stornoway to Ullapool then the three hour drive to Edinburgh and the flight to Gatwick then half-an-hour to your house… I didn’t ‘Walk 500 Miles’ it was a 1,304 mile round trip… I did the journey twice… all worth it to learn the structure and techniques… Thank you… ”
Lewis, ADI Outer Hebrides, Scotland

“…Passed today with a 4/5… many, many thanks for all your help.. I know I couldn’t have done it without you… the work we did was so helpful… what I liked best was that we went through all the PSTs and scenarios… the FLH advice you gave me was invaluable and I got the FLH PST 5 on test! Thank you so much… ”
Helen,  ADI Sevenoaks

“…I’ve passed the exam! Graded 5 for phase 1 and 4 for phase 2… Thank you for all your help and advice you gave me about the ADI Part 3 exam… The sessions with you have given me a different view on approach to the exam itself, as well as how to structure a good effective session for the pupil…. I’d been trying to pass this test for five years and you helped me to find the small bit I was lacking… I then gathered all the other bits of the ‘puzzle’ and made a good clear complete picture…  Also I’ve learned how to use core comps effectively, clearly and meaningfully as well as consistently… By listening to your CDs and attending for the sessions I have achieved so much and it helped me to pass the test… however this is a very beginning of my journey as an Approved Driving Instructor. I will still listen to the CDs as well as reading the Core Comps book… I will add something further: in the future I would like my lessons with the pupils to be as well organised as your sessions… Thank you again… ”
Aneta,  ADI London

“….Passed with a 5/5… Many thanks for your help, particularly with the core comps and the fault analysis… it’s great to see the 6’s on the form for the fault identification and fault analysis… Thank you for all of your support… ”
Julie,  ADI, Dartford

“…Passed! Thanks to you… What I liked best about the training was that you gave me a structure, a plan and a formula… the fact that you believed in me gave me so much confidence that I could do it… it was my third attempt so naturally there was a lot of pressure, added to which my Trainee Licence had run out and I had to pass this… Thanks for everything… ”
Rob,  ADI, Banstead

“…Now that I’ve passed my Part 3 it’s time to write and express my gratitude… your professionalism was evident from the very first point of contact and I was struck by your enthusiasm and genuine willingness to support my learning… I have been asked my reasons for driving a round trip of 1,200 miles to train and it is that you have inspired me to to teach with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism and I thank you for the inordinate amount that I have learned from trying to mirror your skills…”
Mark,  ADI, Aberdeen

“…Just a few words to say thank you. If it wasn’t for you I would never have passed my Part 3… you made things very easy to understand and grasp and you always had a wide range of info and many ways to get it across… the training was carried out in a lighthearted manner and I always felt comfortable asking questions… you know exactly what the examiners are looking for and you were telling me that I was going to be highly graded – and you were right! I did what you said and enjoyed the test and I came away with a Grade 6/6… thank you so much again…”
Nathan,  ADI, Ipswich

“…Thank you for helping me achieve ADI status on my third and final attempt [no pressure!!Ha ha!!]… the support you gave me was crucial… I find the CDs very helpful and also your book Core Competencies Made Even Easier… thanks for believing in me!!”
Tim,  ADI, Sevenoaks

“…You really did make all the difference… I would not hesitate to give your course my highest recommendation…”
Dave,  ADI, London

“…Thank you for all your help in getting me through my ADI Part 3 first time! I think your course aims for a very high standard and prepared me for all of the things that the examiner had to throw at me in the test… Many thanks again…”
Karen,  ADI, Peterborough

“…Thank you for your expertise and patience without which I surely would not now be qualified… the choice of you vs the big schools [they shall remain nameless] was easy from the first contact with your website, which I recommend to everyone]… I left our initial meeting with you knowing that I could do this, and yours was the company to do it with… by comparison, I left the big schools with a nagging sense of guilt that I hadn’t bought something – just like after a time share presentation… It was your professionalism and the fact that you had a plan for me…”
Phil,  ADI, Reading

“…Your professional, thorough approach and teaching of the highest calibre enabled me to confidently tackle Part 3 with more confidence… previously I was not clear on exactly what was required… also the set of CDs were invaluable and I still make regular use of them…”
John,  ADI, Ipswich

“…Thank you very much for the excellent day’s instruction which changed my whole approach… very professional…”
Mike,  ADI, Enfield

“…I want to thank you for training me… by that I mean coaching me and not just ploughing on with PSTs in role-play… I wish others would learn by your example because you not only got me through the ordeal of the test (!) but made me a better instructor…”
John,  ADI, Frinton

“…I’m now fully qualified! Thanks again – I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone wishing to become am ADI…”
Ron,  ADI, Guildford

“…There is no doubt in my mind that without the structured and systematic approach that your course offers it would have been a lot harder and taken a lot longer for me to have achieved success… I would recommend your course for one-to-one tuition on a friendly but business-like basis…”
Ian,  ADI, Isle-of-Wight

“…The training relating to the Core Competencies and lesson planning was invaluable… I particularly enjoyed the relaxed but professional manner in which the training was conducted… I was nervous but you put me at ease straightaway and gave me a lot of confidence… it was certainly time and money well spent…”
Hazel,  ADI, Bromley

“…Your instruction was spot on and first class every time… not once did I come away at the end of the day and feel that I couldn’t do it… Thank you again!”
Val,  ADI, Chertsey

“…Having been training and struggling for two and a half years and managing to go through Parts 1 and 2 again I felt that a change was needed – coming to you made all the difference… several things that were particularly good: I was given straightforward phrases that were easy to remember and you gave all your instruction in a friendly and stress-free manner… Everything you said increased my confidence and self-belief…”
James,  ADI, Bath

“…Another success story for you… five days before my final attempt I bought your full set of Blueprint CDs and I must give you a big thank you because they really helped me to pass… I love my new job and I gave everything up to train for it and now I can do it for real!”
Louise,  ADI, St.Albans

“…When I came to you I had two miserable failures [grades 2/2 and 2/3] behind me… my confidence was very low and I felt maybe I should throw in the towel and admit defeat… but with your professionalism, vast knowledge, confidence boosters and techniques for overcoming all the different aspects of teaching, i then knew what was expected of me… the extra day I spent with you a week before my final attempt was of great benefit to me as it helped iron out the final creases and I passed very successfully with a grading of 5/5… Thank you again!”
Cheryl,  ADI, London

“…Thank you for making it possible for me to achieve the status of Approved Driving Instructor [ADI]… this was due to the professional training which was to a very high standard, well structured and organised… not only were you able to make it possible for me to be successful in my exams, you taught me to be an effective and professional teacher in driving instruction… there were times when I doubted my own ability, whether I could pass the exams but you gave me the confidence and belief I could do it…”
Paul,  ADI, Walton

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