Ten audio CDs which provide 1,000 revision questions to help prepare for the ADI Part 1.
Can be played sequentially or in random mode to help cover all bands and topics.
SRP £15.00 each CD. Discounted for quantity.

To buy this publication please text ADIP1CDS to 07725 121 121 or visit the shop.

This is what instructors thought about these audio CDs:

“…First time pass today on my Part 1… the CDs helped so much that when I sat the test and read the questions I knew what the answer was… the method you advised for the HPT was excellent and worked extremely well… as an advanced driver I was worried about seeing the hazards too early and not scoring… ”
Helen,  PDI

“…I passed my Part 1 today first time with a score of 99/100 for the questions and 70/75 for the HPT, which I was particularly pleased with as I was concerned but your technique worked so well… listening to the CDs was really helpful, especially your explanations which helped me remember the information… ”
Roz,  PDI

“…I wanted to make sure I got through Part 1 first time, and these CDs did the job for me…”
Peter,  ADI

“…The framework of how to approach the questions worked well, and I got into a rhythm of listening and responding until I could get them all right… I surprised myself how much I didn’t know, or was weak on…”
Tony,  ADI

“…What I noticed first was the quality of the recordings and obviously the time and knowledge that went into creating them…”
Melissa,  ADI

“…I was over-confident and didn’t get through the Part 1 at first attempt… after that wake-up call I decided to approach it more seriously, ordered these and sailed through next time…”
Leo,  ADI

“…So I went to get the set and made myself listen until I knew all the questions…when the day came it was as if I’d seen most of the questions before…”
Gabrielle,  ADI

“…Tip-top, all the info, all the answers, I got accustomed to the thinking pause and then saying the answer out loud… these definitely worked!”
Adrian,  ADI