Twenty audio CDs which cover the ten PSTs used in the ADI Part 3. Ideal for your preparation for the ADI Part 3, Standards Check and everyday teaching.
SRP £30 each CD. Discounted for quantity – ask for details.

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Updated, revised and expanded, these CDs are the latest editions of the acclaimed Blueprint series and provide detailed, comprehensive information for instructors at all levels.

Written and read by Brian M Stratton ADI, ORDIT trainer, they have been professionally recorded and edited in a London sound studio. These new editions are digitally remastered to give an even clearer, brighter sound quality.

There are 20 in the set and they cover all the PST subjects both at partly trained and trained level. Also included is information about the Full Licence Holder element (FLH), and a suggested FLH briefing.

Each topic CD contains:

  • Introduction
  • A clear definition of the subject
  • Objectives and lesson plan
  • Suggested teaching aids
  • Part 3 requirements
  • Suggested briefing
  • Timing guidelines
  • Background information
  • Questions to ask
  • DL25 correlation
  • Pupil errors
  • Helpful hints
  • Summary
  • Cross references to the book ‘Core Competencies Made Even Easier’.

The average running time for each CD is just over one hour. All tracks are individually numbered so you don’t have to listen all the way through but can just select the required one quickly and easily.

The full list of 20 CDs is as follows:

Blueprint 1: PST 1 Phase 1 – partly trained

Safety Precautions on Entering the Car & Controls + 15 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 74m 28s

Blueprint 2: PST 2 Phase 1 – partly trained

Moving Off and Stopping & Mirrors + 15 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 48m 03s

Blueprint 3: PST 3 Phase 1 – partly trained

Turn in the Road + 18 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 47m 45s

Blueprint 4: PST 4 Phase 1 – partly trained

Reverse into a Limited Opening + 18 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 51m 17s

Blueprint 5: PST 5 Phase 1 – partly trained

Emergency Stop & Mirrors + 30 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 64m 26s

Blueprint 6: PST 6 Phase 1 – partly trained

Dealing with Pedestrian Crossings & Giving Signals + 25 NEW FAQs    Total Running Time: 58m 01s

Blueprint 7: PST 7 Phase 1 – partly trained

Approaching Junctions to Turn either Right or Left + 15 NEW FAQs   Total Running Time: 48m 32s

Blueprint 8: PST 8 Phase 1 – partly trained

T-Junctions: Emerging + 18 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 52m 07s

Blueprint 9: PST 9 Phase 1 – partly trained

Dealing with Crossroads + 15 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 52m 39s

Blueprint 10: PST 10 Phase 1 – partly trained

Meet and Cross Approaching Traffic & Anticipation + 28 NEW FAQs  Total Running Time: 61m 58s

Blueprint 11: PST 10 Phase 1 – partly trained

Overtaking, Allowing Adequate Clearance & Anticipation + 28 NEW FAQs Total Running Time: 74m 53s

Blueprint 12: PST 1 Phase 2 – trained

Meet and Cross Approaching Traffic & Anticipation + NEW Track: 

Negging. How to ensure you always present lessons in a positive and upbeat manner and avoid being negative about your pupils or the SE. No more crossed-wires, irritated SEs or demoralised pupils. Running Time: 70m 49s

Blueprint 13: PSTs 2 & 8 Phase 2 – trained

Meet, Cross, Overtake, Adequate Clearance & Anticipation + NEW Track: Full Licence Holder element & briefing. Vital information on this key technique, plus a suggested briefing. Result: impressed SEs and relaxed and reassured clients. Total Running Time: 76m 26s

Blueprint 14: PST 3 Phase 2 – trained

Approaching Junctions to Turn either Right or Left + NEW Track: Eco-Safe Driving & 25 FAQs. Crucial details about how to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner. Minimise driving-stress and save time, effort and money. Total Running Time: 71m 35s

Blueprint 15: PST 4 Phase 2 – trained

T-Junctions: Emerging + NEW Track: Anti-freeze. Tried and tested tips to stop you freezing on test. Say goodbye to talking gibberish, sweaty palms and a dry mouth. Total Running Time: 52m 59s

Blueprint 16: PSTs 5 & 10 Phase 2 – trained

Progress / Hesitancy / Normal Position + 30 New FAQs. Total Running Time: 73m 00s

Blueprint 17: PST 6 Phase 2 – trained

Reverse Parking + 26 NEW FAQs. Total Running Time: 46m 29s

Blueprint 18: PSTs 7 & 9 Phase 2 – trained

Dealing with Pedestrian Crossings & Use of Signals + NEW Track: How to Answer Any Question. Learn the secrets of having an answer to any question. Banish those ‘rabbit in the headlights’ moments. Total Running Time: 47m 12s

Blueprint 19: Key Skills: Section 1 – all levels

Track listing: Intro; interpreting the Part 3 report form; the 10 pre-set tests; how the PST is chosen; the core competencies and your grading; cross references to the book ‘Core Competencies Made Easy’+ NEW Track: Advanced Q/A. Discover how to make your Q/A technique six times more effective. No more vanilla questions. Total Running Time: 60m 42s

Blueprint 20: Key Skills: Section 2 – all levels

Track Listing: Intro; instructional techniques; the Q/A technique; instructor characteristics; terminology – acronyms and mnemonics; useful phrases; terminology for instructions and directions; cross-references to the book ‘Core Competencies Made Even Easier’ + NEW Track: The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Instructors. Find out what makes the best instructors better than others. And then make it happen for you. Total Running Time: 79m 56s


This is what instructors say about these audio CDs:

“…Just to say a huge thanks for the CDs… they are a great help… very thorough and detailed… Just what I needed… ”
Safina, ADI

“…Clear and concise… cover the topics in a way that if the listener wants to achieve an objective the material is here… ”
Dennis, PDI

“…What really worked for me was listening to these again and again – I was almost word perfect and the information stayed with me…”
David,  ADI

“…I could focus on a particular PST and get absolutely immersed in it – everything was here, the possible pupil faults and key elements for each topic… definitely got me through my Part 3!”
Barry,  ADI

“…Because I was on a PDI licence I was actually teaching so what I did was listen to these as I drove to my pupils – so if I was going to teach crossroads I listened to that and it made it very fresh in my mind when I collected them..”
Carrie,  ADI

“…I’m not great at studying, especially reading so these were a great idea… it’s surprising how much you seem to absorb information without really listening, if that makes sense…”
Stewart,  PDI

“…Linking the CDs with the Core Comps book and the Blueprint 19 is a masterstroke as you can see how everything links together and it just seems to work and it all clicks together…”
Paresh,  ADI

“…I wish I’d bought these earlier… when I did I just listened to them constantly until I’d learnt them by heart, then on my Part 3 test day it was like I could hear them playing in my mind…”
Linda,  ADI