Previously Blueprint 19, This book is now called 1551 Coaching: Diagrams.

Now includes diagrams for the new reversing exercises: forward bay parking plus pulling up on the right and straight line reverse, then move away.

All topics from controls to motorway and eco-safedriving are covered in this user-friendly book. Clear diagrams in full colour with text notes.
Ideal for the new ADI Part 3 test and the Standards Check.

SRP £65. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £70. The increase is due to rising paper prices and postage having increased over the years.

To buy this publication please text 1551DB to 07725 121 121 or order online at our shop.

 Third A4 portrait

Binding: Spiral bound with card covers and polyprop frosted cover

Diagrams: 144

Price: £65. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £70. The increase is due to rising paper prices and postage having increased over the years.

Postage: Free first class postage and packing is included. Special Delivery can be specified for an extra £7

Packing: Sealed in a cellophane wrapper and posted in a padded A4 envelope

This is what instructors say about this book:

Reviews for the New 1551 Coaching Diagrams Book

“…With the new test looming I thought I’d better get prepared… this book covers the new L Test reversing and much more! Good to see that motorway diagrams are also in there… looking forward to teaching that to my learners next year… Thanks for a great book and a very speedy service… ”
Jason, ADI

“…Just what I wanted… Pupils really like the pictures for the new exercises and once they’d seen them they really got the hang of them straight away… ”
Sue, ADI

“…I really like this new book… the diagrams for the new manoeuvres are superb – easy to understand and explain everything clearly… I had the old book and will keep that as a back up or hand it to my pupils… ”
Richard, ADI

“…Over the years I’ve tried many diagram books and presenters… your Blueprint 19 is by far the best… I’ve even had pupils who wanted to buy the book to study in their own time – that’s never ever happened before!”
Tony,  ADI

“… I like that the book is small but filled with plenty of information… I also like the  layout/diagrams as it easy to understand and the fact that I can put it on my dashboard and explain it to my pupils… ”
Yasmin,  ADI

“…Well presented and well thought through… it covers all the topics including those that other lesson plan books don’t, such as eco-safe driving and motorways…”
Martin,  ADI

“.. I like the way you can use it straight way – it’s informative and gets the message across very easily and professionally…”
Patrick,  ADI

“…Each part of this has clearly been very well thought-out and designed…”
Ann,  ADI

“…It fits in the door pocket and doesn’t intimidate pupils like my old A4 sized chunky folder used to!”
Bradley,  ADI

“…The order of diagrams is spot on – because it follows the PST system from the Part 3 it’s easy to locate the diagram you want and then to give the briefing from there…”
Rav,  ADI

“…Everything is covered, right from controls to motorway driving, and also eco-safe driving so whether you’re teaching a new joiner or a Pass Plus pupil it’s all here!”
Steve,  ADI

“…Over the years I’ve used various presenters and visual aids and this is definitely the best… something else that’s never happened before is that I’ve had a couple of pupils who wanted to buy one for their own study…”
Sue,  ADI