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You’ll also be eligible for discounted training, and discount off the other publications such as 1551: Coaching Diagrams, 1771 Driving and Core Competencies Made Even Easier.


This book provides clear, well-researched information to help ADIs prepare for the Standards Check, and to help PDIs prepare for the new ADI Part 3 test [it’s the same test]. So whether it’s your first, one of many or your final attempt, you’ll be able to attend with confidence.

So far, 245 clients [and counting] have achieved a Grade A with the information contained in this book.

All purchasers of the book will be given a £75 discount off a day’s Standards Check/Part 3 training, based on the standard daily rate prevailing at time of booking.


The New Edition features updated content – the figures for the first full year of the new Standards Check and an assessment of those results. There’s also a 10-point check list to get your lessons off to a flying start, a 17-point pathway to success throughout the lesson and an example of the dialogue between ADI and pupil at the start of the lesson.

There’s also advice on how to have the ‘risk conversation’ with pupils – both current and new, and how to set clearly the balance of responsibility at the start and during the lesson.

£45  [For a limited time period the price will be £40]. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £45.

Size: A4 portrait

Binding: Perfect bound with card covers

Pages: 107 [21 more pages in the New Edition.]

Word count: 36,549 [9,883 more words in the New Edition. 37% more.]

Chapters: 12

Price: £45  [For a limited time period the price will be £40]. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £45.

Postage: Free first class postage and packing is included. Special Delivery can be specified for an extra £7

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This is what ADIs say about this book:

“The book to check your standards, before the Standards Check checks you!”
Justin,  ADI

“…Just wanted to let you know I made it through my final attempt at my standards check… I got a grade B (scored 36) so I was happy with that really, because I was so sure I was gonna slide off the register… All thanks to your book (ADI standards check) I can now carry on working and improve on my coaching skills and maybe get a grade A next time round. Thank you so much Brian 👍 couldn’t have done it without you 🙂… I found chapters 4,5 + 6 very helpful, but the whole book is a valuable asset to any ADI preparing for a standards check… ”
Roger, ADI

“…This book has everything I need and clarifies a lot of grey areas… now so much more informed about Risk Management which was one of my worries… I also like the Coaching chapter which I now understand… feel a lot more confident about my approaching SC… Thank you! ”
Ashleigh, ADI

“…Success today! I found the chapter on Risk Management very helpful… I’m putting a lot more emphasis on it in my lessons… The 17Rs were also extremely useful… Thanks again… ”
Gail, ADI

“…Passed my standards check attaining 40 points / grade B… I read your ADI Standards Check book through many times and made some notes and went for it… The book was very informative and well worth the cost and would recommend to any other adi,I’m happy with the result since I only train occasionally and took no training for the test…the book got me through!!  thanks for the book… Chapters 4 to 9 for me were the most helpful as I had no idea what to expect in these areas… ”
Eddie, ADI

“…After reading your books many times I put them to the test today and achieved a Grade A with a score of 46… very pleased with that and all credit goes to your books… I took ‘The ADI Standards Check: Essential Information’ on holiday and it was my constant companion on the plane and on the beach, much to my family’s amusement… I’m still shaking the sand out of it now… The key chapters that helped me most were Risk Management and Coaching… the 1771 book was very useful as well, highlighting the risks and consequences… Cheers! ”
Ian, ADI

“…First of all – many thanks for the speedy dispatch which was very much appreciated… having read through the book I would describe it as muscular writing with no excess fat… all of the words and phrases have obviously been carefully chosen and work hard to give maximum impact with minimum fuss… all in all, a mightily impressive book… Thank you!”
Chris, ADI

“…The book is very informative…very well structured and every time I pick it up I learn something more… It’s also great value… Thank you! ”
Martin, ADI

“…Your book was just what I needed – it told me exactly what I needed to know… nothing more, nothing less… it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t… job done! ”
David, ADI

“…Passed with a Grade A today… I highly recommend Brian’s book ‘ADI Standards Check: Essential Information’… Buy it and it will be your bible. All your doubts and worries are answered in there, because he already knows what you are doubting. The book makes everything crystal clear. It is well-ordered, comprehensive, easy to read (and a bit more of that lovely humour)… ”
Hilary, ADI

“…Just passed my Part 3 test today thanks to your book… it’s a great feeling… it really helped to understand the Risk Management… I took a FLH and the book made me realise you need to be asking, not telling… the book is really good and I remembered to teach the positives and use the reflective log… ”
Jean, ADI

“…Very professional, well structured and an ideal way to take in the information… I’ve already read through it three times!”
Rob, ADI

“…The book has been very helpful and informative, especially for an ‘old school’ instructor 😃. I took my 1st standards check this morning (last check test 4.5 years ago!!). I scored 39, so was a little disappointed not to have got those couple of extra marks for an A, but I let my nerves get the better of me i think!. But the book was invaluable. I particularly like the section on coaching, as this is the area i wasnt trained in. Also I found the section on lesson planning very helpful, as in the past this has been a weaker area for me. Thank you… ”
Debbie, ADI

“…As promised, this is a quick text to let you know the outcome of my first standards check today… Fortunately for me it was a grade B (42 points)… This certainly wouldn’t have been possible without your excellent publication… Hopefully next time it can be converted to a grade A… all of the chapters were extremely useful. Having only qualified as an ADI last January (2017) and having only experienced the old style part 3 test, it was the ‘fear of the unknown’ which was giving me the most concern. Your publication helped give me a better understanding of what exactly the criteria used by the examiner were. I particularly found the suggested opening dialogue between instructor and pupil very useful as well as the full explanations of risk assessment and the client centred approach… ”
Mark, ADI

“…I read your book and had my first Standards Check today… I got an A and scored 45/51… Risk Management was the most helpful chapter and I scored 14/15 on that element test… ”
Jamie, ADI

“…Great read really easy to understand, Especially the section ‘meeting the examiner at the test centre’ found this helped me a lot… I achieved an A and 45 on my standards check today, wouldn’t have been possible without your Book, as I was still stuck in the “old ways”…  Thank You so much… Ps Your core competencies made easier came in handy again as per usual lol 😊😊😊… ”
Eric, ADI

“…Just letting you know I passed my SC this morning… your book was extremely helpful… the risk chapter was most useful and helped me get 13/15… ”

“…I Got the Grade “A” today… I liked the recap section which gave a structure to my lesson… and I used the saying ‘minimise risk and Maximise safety’… the chapter about the day of the test was really helpful as well… the book was certainly money well spent… ”
Clinton, ADI

“…A colleague of mine offered to lend me their copy but I wanted my own… I’m so glad I did because of the kind support and advice you gave… many, many thanks for all the helpful guidance… ”
Leslie, ADI

“…Your book is that rare delight – a text book that is a pleasure to read… ”
Hugh, ADI

“…I passed my Standards Check today with 41 points, a high B… The whole book is amazing and so easy to understand… the chapters which helped me most were Risk Management and Lesson Planning… Thank you so much for your help… ”
Mentor, ADI

“…I passed today with 45 and it’s down to the book giving me a good structure to start from… Honestly Brian the whole book gave me what I was looking for… I had tried training with others before and it didn’t work for me… I read a lot of your reviews and it looked like what I was looking for… A lot of it confirmed that I was doing the right things with the explanations of the different categories… I’m away now to put my prices up ha ha! ”
Thomas, ADI

“…Thanks very much for all your help with the Standards Check book I bought off you a few weeks back… It was very useful and helped a lot… I did my test today and got a B with 40 points… I only teach pupils with learning/physical difficulties and am extremely proud of my son for being my pupil today… …Your book helped me through it… I thought every bit of your book was great… Put together very well and all very helpful… Especially the risk management bits because that was my biggest worry… I also enjoyed the case histories section… Many thanks again… ”
Claire, ADI

“…I had my Standards Check this morning and I ended up 1 mark short of an A grade, which to be honest I’m delighted with…I am very bad in test conditions and I’ve had many a sleepless night as a result… Your book was great – I read it once, and then read it again writing down many notes… I found it very useful and it was one of the reasons that I managed to keep things together… I got a very positive debrief from the SE and it has just boosted my confidence… Thanks again and I will be recommending your book to any ADI that has a Standard Check looming! Cheers! ”
Doug, ADI

“…Add me to the A Team Folder! Read the book and got the Grade A… the examiner said it was a very good lesson… ”
Steve, ADI

“…Superb service… thank you for the attention to detail and the care and concern you showed… I’ve read the book through several times now and it makes perfect sense… I’m much clearer now about the Risk Management…also the way to structure lessons and coaching… Thank You!”
Ellie, ADI

“…Without your book I definitely wouldn’t have got the Grade A… you make it straightforward and it inspired me start changing my old fashioned ways… I’m enjoying teaching more than I’ve done for years… Thank you… ”
Roy, ADI

“…Thank for such a well-written book… easy to read and take in the information… I like the structure and the way to introduce the lesson… I was never that clear on what to say… I am now!”
Dee, ADI

“…I got an A with the knowledge gained from your book… one of the key elements was the ‘Starter for 10’ which got me off to a flying start… ”
Graham, ADI

“…I sat my standards check yesterday and passed with a grade A which was great… Thanks for your book it had lots of clear instructions in it that I could easily understand… I found the section that talked about setting the lesson up the most helpful… I did the standards check on the first week it came out 3 years ago and got a Grade B… I lost lots of points for communicating and not hitting the right points… So this time I believe I was on track before leaving the car park with a clear set plan and focus… I also liked the simple structure you had set out for the hour… As suggested around about half way through we pulled up and changed the responsibility slightly… This was good as it broke the lesson into a second section so time flew by… The examiner said that the lesson was to a very high standard but I talk too much! I got that the last time also, I was told I was over enthusiastic… Don’t think I’m going to change that though… That’s obviously my style… Thanks for taking the time to put the book together… I will be sure to recommend you to my instructor friends… ”
Angus, ADI

Thanks for taking the time to put the book together I will be sure to recommend you to my instructor friends.

“…Now that the Part 3 is changing I’mm going to recommend this for my trainees… puts it far better than I ever could… ”
Steve, ADI Trainer

“…Coaching had always been a bit of a mystery to me… this book gives the best explanation I’ve ever read… and explained in a way that I can easily understand… ”
Philip, ADI

“…Thank you for the very prompt service – I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning… first class service… I’ve already read four chapters and it is brilliant… cleared up the grey areas and things I was worried about… ”
Khaled, ADI

“…I’ve now read the book three or four times, cover to cover, and each time I’ve got something new out of it… such good common sense material… Thanks for writing your book… it’s made me a much better instructor already… ”
Jonathan, ADI

“…It’s brilliant how in a word or phrase you de-mystify each of the headings on the marking form… Thank you… ”
Amrit, ADI

“…I recently passed my SC with an “A”, and for sure I would not have achieved this without modifying and updating my methods somewhat… I purchased THE ADI STANDARDS CHECK:ESSENTIAL INFORMATION by Brian Stratton… this comprehensive manual, once studied and understood helped me see what had changed… and equally important, what had not, you need to retain your core competencies but you have to really engage the pupil in the learning process, you have to really PLAN a lesson to suit the individual, you have to ASK more and TELL less… this is now an ongoing work in progress for me, finally I’d like to state that Brian was so supportive by email and phone offering unstinting encouragement and was always positive… Very Highly Recommended…
thank you again Brian… ”
Gordon, ADI

“…I like your book because it’s very professional… I found the others to be amateurish and cartoonish… ”
Graeme, ADI

“…Definitely helped me achieve a Grade A… I like the way it explains things in such a straightforward way… easy to understand… ”
Patrick, ADI

“…Beautiful book… absolutely answered all my questions… I keep it in the car  to read between lessons… over joyed with it… making me feel more confident already!”
Pritti, ADI

“…Hi Brian bought your book a little while ago, read it several times, as well as other material and had standards check 2nd one yesterday and passed with a mark of 40 – 3 off an A… I was well pleased with that, been teaching 29 years so was struggling to get my head round it all… Excellent book…. I found the whole book really interesting and informative… I liked the way it was written, easy reading… Well done… ”
Jackie, ADI

“…As I was reading through it I highlighted in green the bits that I thought were most useful… it wasn’t until I got halfway through the book that I realised I’d highlighted almost all of it… it’s all there and it’s a book with no jibber jabber, just all relevant information… ”
Andy, ADI

“…This book cuts through all the nonsense like birdsong in fog… clear, concise and laser-like in its focus on providing the right information at the right time… ”
Jeremy, ADI

“…I want to read it, rather than having to read it… that sums it up for me really… ”

“…Peerless… ”
Thomas, ADI

“…Thank you so much for the very professional service… and also for phoning me and reassuring me… you made me feel much more confident and were very helpful and friendly… ”
Lisa, ADI

“…Very prompt service… just started reading the book and it’s already reassured me on many points… I was a bit vague about risk management but your book has made it crystal clear… very helpful about coaching as well… ”
Adam,  ADI

“…I looked at other books available about the SC but I really liked the look of yours… what convinced me most was the sheer number of ADIs that you’d helped to achieve an A, and the fact that you achieved the 51/51 Grade A on your own Standards Check… so you’d written the text book!”
Ollie,  ADI

“…Excellent service… Very prompt first-class delivery and the book is everything I hoped it would be… And more!”
Ray,  ADI

“…So glad I bought this book… I had been humming and aahhing about whether to buy it and spend £40… the way I look at it is what price can you put on your career… it made sense to invest in this and prepare for my first SC… also, think about it this way, it’s less than I’d charge for a two hour lesson so easily paid for… very impressed by the superb information and knowledge… ”
Don,  ADI

“…I took my Standards Check today and scored a 46 Grade A… Thanks very much for writing the Standards Check book… it is a gold mine that every ADI should own… since buying it I have been adopting my lessons according to your advice…I liked the bit about the 17Rs and used them as bullet points during the test…the chapters covering the SC1 were most helpful as well… and in every chapter there are gold nuggets!”
Levi,  ADI

“…I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic publication which helped me greatly… I recently did my Standards Check and thought I would share my good news – I scored 51/51… THANK YOU SO MUCH!… having read the book I knew exactly what to expect and it all fell into place from beginning to end… I knew what I needed to do… it couldn’t get any better… For two weeks before my test I finished work early to study the book… It has made me a better instructor and pupils enjoy their lessons more – it’s more interactive… ”
Shafiq,  ADI

“…So, yesterday I had my test and I passed with an A, I got 51 out of 51!! I was ecstatic and pretty shocked! I found the book very useful… I read it through and through… I’ve only been an instructor for 6 years… there were certainly a few things that I had to brush up on and also introduce to my teaching…* I really like the ‘starter for ten’…I put it into my own words and used it before we left the Test Centre. I still cant believe I didn’t forget anything!! But, I was doing a lot of visualization before the test, plus I’d started to use it on my normal lessons with the pupils.

Here’s what I like best about the book:

* The ‘key elements’ were broken down and explained perfectly, really easy to read and understand. I especially like the negative characteristics to be avoided!
* I like the way the ‘R pathway’ reinforces the ‘starter for ten’. I combined the two to guide me through my lesson, from the start to what I had to say at the end.
* I understand how some ADI’s might find the ‘risk conversation’ tricky to introduce, as to most, its a new subject. This is how I brought it into my lesson; Having gone through the recap etc, I asked my pupil how much help they would like (guide/prompt/independent), having decided on prompted for some of it, I said: ‘So by prompting you at the roundabout, we are sharing the responsibility and by sharing the responsibility we are sharing the risk’.  I then went on to ask: ‘What do you understand about risk? What creates risk? How can we reduce it etc…?’   So by reading chapter five on risk, I was able to combine it into my lesson nicely. It wasn’t tricky for me and it came across very natural…
* I love the bit on page 59 about silence. As ADIs we’re naturally very chatty… so I think its important to talk about silence, it reminded me of how important it is…
* I also thought that ‘the setting the scene’ section on page 64 was really helpful.
* I loved reading the coaching quotes on page 70…my favourites were: ‘Triumph, is just a little umph added to try!’ And also: ‘Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens’… I think that last quote sums up coaching and what ADIs should remember most.
* Overall I think what I liked most about the book, was after I read it, I felt more confident about my style of teaching. After reading the book I realised that I’m already a coach not a dictator.
Once again, thanks so much for the book….its added so much more structure and depth to my lessons…

I am convinced that I wouldn’t have got that score without reading the book first… So, I would just like to say ThankYou!!!!”
Louise,  ADI [51/51]

“…Did my Standards Check last week, got 41, a good B grade, I was very pleased with that… I’ve been in & out of instruction for the past 25 years and have always dreaded the check test but always  just scraped through with a 4… After reading your book, I was still nervous, but felt quietly confident… Thanks very much, it was a great help & I enjoyed trying out the coaching, would recommend it to anyone… I think the starter for ten in chapter 2, was a great frame to work to… and The VARK & TRIMMED acronyms work well… Thanks again… ”
Brian,  ADI

“…I had my Standards Test today and I got a Grade ‘A’… The Examiner asked me in the beginning: ‘Have you got some idea about this test?’, and I said yes… Then he asked me: ‘Did you attend any workshop etc… ‘ and I said that I got to know all from the book [I mentioned your book]… Brian, your book not only gave me in depth knowledge of Standards Test but also opened my mind with new terminologies etc, coupled with a full understanding of coaching etc… I found answers to each and every question in my mind then the book became a reference guide for me… I just felt you were sitting next to me and guiding me through… I think that your book should be a minimum of £100 price as it is worth lot more than that… Thanks very much for all of your dedicated work on the book which I will definitely recommend to all ADIs… Also thanks for despatching on the day of order… With profound regards… ”
Rifat,  ADI

“…I would say to other ADIs thinking about which book to buy – just buy this one – it’s clear, doesn’t over-complicate things and tells you everything you need to know… Superb!”
Gary,  ADI

“…Thanks to your book I passed with a score of 50A… I found the running order very helpful… I think I was originally trying to do too much in any given lesson so I trimmed it down… The examiner thought the lesson was very good… Only part-time instructing at the moment so really over the moon with what I got… Thank you!” ”
Sandy,  ADI

“…I have just finished reading your book and I’m very impressed… The most useful parts were Risk Management and Teaching  and Learning strategies… overall, I think the whole publication is great, thank you!”
Martin,  ADI

“…I’m jealously guarding my book and I took it into the cafe while my pupil was out on test… all the other instructors wanted to look at the book but I knew I’d never get it back… so glad I bought it, I was feeling very nervous about my Standards Check and this has calmed me and given me more confidence… ”
Anne,  ADI

“…Ordered my book at 4.20pm and you made sure it was with me the next morning… extraordinary service! I liked the personal touch of a signed note as well… very, very impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail… ”
Jason,  ADI

“…Had the test, got a Grade A and scored 47… Thank you so much for taking theme to write the book! I wouldn’t have got the Grade A without it and will recommend to anyone… I read the book twice cover to cover and then concentrated on the Risk Management because I would have been mortified to do badly on that section… your explanation of the form really clarified it for me and set to rest any doubts I had… ”
Michelle,  ADI

“…One of my colleagues had your book and I saw it in the back of his car… just looking through it I’ve never seen a text book with so many underlinings or notes… he was really into it and said it was the best he’d read… but he wouldn’t lend it to me and said he’d never get it back! So I bought my own and can see why he liked it so much… and no, I’m not lending mine either… great book, great service – excellent… ”
Patrick,  ADI

“…Loved your book… Full of helpful information… I particularly like the layout, the form and Risk Management… The book takes you through from start to finish… I now enjoy the lessons more and so do the pupils as they now participate more thanks to your coaching techniques… ”
Lesley,  ADI

“…I’m a straightforward person and your book delivers exactly what I want… It’s not cartoony or full of jargon and just explains things in a way that’s easy to take in and understand… ”
Keith,  ADI

“…The Risk Management was the best explanation I have seen – very straightforward and easy to not only understand but put into practice… I also liked your chapter on how to stress test the standards check and cover the ‘What Ifs?’… Very impressed… I will also get your core comps book which will help me understand those more!… Thank you! ”
Raja,  ADI

“…Hi just an update on my standards check I got a B 37!… It was a solid B but nerves got the better of me and the lesson didn’t flow as much.  Wasn’t the natural me but a fair result… The book was very useful and I put as much as I could of it into the lesson thanks… It was all a good read.  I did like the 17 Rs section and the examples of positive and negative aspects about each competence… The best bit for me was the tiger or butterfly.   … I must admit I was the butterfly but not quite a tiger yet!… I will get there!  Thanks again… ”
Daryl,  ADI

“…You write with authority and a great deal of experience on the matter… this is very apparent from the way in which the book is designed and written… This is the one to get – read it, absorb and do it… my teaching and coaching has changed for the better and I find myself enjoying it more… to be honest I think I’d become a bit jaded after 12 years of teaching and this book has truly given me a new lease of life… You tend to get in a rut as an independent ADI and work in isolation without knowing if what you’re doing is correct or not… Self-doubt can start to creep in… Your book allowed me to confirm what I was doing correctly and pointed me in the right direction to adjust or develop other aspects such as risk management and coaching… Thank you so much… ”
Carole,  ADI

“…Although I’m on a franchise [large company, no names, no pack drill!] I felt I was getting very little support about the SC… when I asked, I was passed from pillar to post and never got the help I wanted… Decided to research online and found your book… impressed by your background and qualifications so bought the book and – long story short – it is just what I wanted and tells me all I wanted to know… This is gold dust… it’s always in the car and whenever I’ve got time between lessons I grab a quick read… Superb!”
Robin,  ADI

“… It’s no exaggeration to say that this book has transformed my teaching… After many years in the job I was starting to resent it and was on the verge of giving up and doing something else… I liked reading the reviews of your book and felt it was the right thing to do… And so it proved… I’ve gradually changed my style to the ‘new’ way of doing things and it’s been a revelation… I feel as if I’ve come alive again after being a zombie instructor for many years… I now look forward to teaching again and get so much more out of the lessons… ”
Sarah,  ADI

“…I’d pinned my hopes on being rescued from my teaching dilemmas and your book answered that in spades… everything is so clear and explained in a way that is so easy to absorb and then put into practice… ”
Graham,  ADI

“…I like the quality of the book – the binding is top quality, pages and print quality excellent and it’s well laid out… I’d also mention the service as well – kept informed at all stages… content is superb and easy to navigate… best section – Risk Management and coaching, both of which I was unsure about… ”
Ray,  ADI

“…Such a great service… extremely professional and very accomplished… the information in the book is well set out and covers everything I wanted to know… I was worried about my forthcoming check test but this has reassured me… ”
Denise,  ADI

“…I’d heard a lot about the new test and speaking to other ADIs in my area everyone had a different story! I was confused and wasn’t sure what to think or what to do or who to believe… your book tells it like it is and cuts through all the nonsense’s I’ve seen online about the test and what others have said… it really is a game-changer and has given me confidence to do the job I love and have been doing for over 12 years now and want to continue doing… Thank you for writing such a helpful book… ”
Carl,  ADI

“…There were so many things in my mind that I wasn’t sure about and having been online it confused me more than ever… So when I ordered your book I hoped it would clarify all those aspects I was unsure about… it did that and much more… what impressed me was the very efficient service – I ordered late afternoon and you replied within 30 mins to let me know it had been processed and sent… and when I received it first thing next morning it inspired even more confidence… and yes, the book does ‘speak’ to you… a bit corny but it’s true… I keep it in the car to read between lessons and then put it into practice… ”
Eleanor, ADI

“…I just came out from my test and got 42, thanks to you and your book… The book helped me so much, particularly with the Risk Management… When I read the book I realised I was missing the whole risk management element of my teaching… I was previously a grade 4 so really pleased to achieve the mark I did… The Starter for 10 really helped to get me off to a good start… I liked the way you explained how to set out the balance of responsibility and it works so well… The examiner was impressed and said it was a nice lesson… And I got 12/15 for the Risk Management… Thank you! ”
Deeka,  ADI

“…Thank you very much Brian for your book I achieved a Grade A 49/51.I always used to get a Grade 4 for 17 years… So I am very pleased… The best bits of the book were the examples of how to start the lesson… I liked the way you introduced meeting and anticipation and I decided to coach that topic… Risk management was also clearly explained… This new system makes much more sense… I understand it far better than I ever did the old system… I knew exactly what do this time and I felt very confident… It was well planned and organised… I’d previously only ever been a grade 4 and never thought I’d be a Grade A… The examiner was very pleased with the lesson and said: ‘Very well done, thank you!’, so Thank You! ”
Hakim, ADI

“I had my SC on Monday 16th May 2016 & came out with a B… I couldn’t have done it without reading your book which I found really informative & helpful, I especially liked the 17 R’s & TRIMMED… I was dreading the day but actually relaxed more as it went on & enjoyed it… Thank you again & I have recommended your book to other ADI’s who work within my area… ”
Linda,  ADI

“…My first standards check today and I got an ‘A’ with 43 points… Thank you for your book, it was awesome!!! What helped me most was the chapter about Risk Management… Also how to plan the lesson with the 10-point check list… I only teach part-time and had no clue about the new Standards Check… Your book was a great help… Thank you… ”
Pankaj,  ADI

“…What I liked about the book was that the service you provided was exceptional and you kept me informed all along… Very impressed with the personal email as well… I’m not a good reader but this book explains everything very clearly and is very straightforward… I would say to anyone thinking of which book to buy, this is the one, no question! Thank you… ”
Trudie,  ADI

“…Your book is incredible and has helped me massively… Successful today… Grade A 45… your book made all the difference… I honestly don’t think I would have done it without it… I got a grade A… Thank you… ”
Karen,  ADI

“…Passed with an A today… Really pleased with the result… your book was exceptionally helpful… I can categorically say that I would not have achieved grade A without your guidance…Thank you so much…
Bruce,  ADI

“…Overall, an extremely useful book… the chapter on ‘Stress Test Your Standards Check’ was an eye-opener and made me realise that I need to look at all the details… the book is well-written and draws you in… I only meant to read a few paragraphs to get me started and I ended up reading three chapters in one go – good stuff!”
Frank,  ADI

“…Your book on the Standards Check is a wealth of knowledge and the only book worth investing in… I’ve read many books on the Standards Check but yours is the only one that explains it in a way we can understand it better… I would certainly recommend your books and services to all my colleagues… You are a top instructor and I would recommend you any day… Once again, thank you and I’ll keep in touch… ”
Safina,  ADI

“…I have had my first Standards Check today and am pleased to say I got an ‘A’…thank you for all your advice… I found the risk management and coaching sections very helpful… thanks again! ”
June,  ADI

“…I like this book a lot and find it easy to read and tells me everything I need to know… I was unsure about coaching, what it was  and how to do it, and your book provides clear guidelines… also the information about how to start the lesson was a great help… Thank you… ”
Adrian,  ADI

“…I had my Standards Check test today and I am pleased to inform you that I got a Grade A… Your book gave me immense help… it was invaluable and well worth the money… I would have been lost without it… Thank you for your help, much appreciated… the examiner wrote that it was a very customer-focused lesson aimed at helping the pupil achieve their goals… ”
Marcus,  ADI

“…I’m reading your book and already it’s very helpful… I feel things are slotting into place more… the 10-point check list to get your lessons started is great: for me, seeing it in an orders very useful as it helps me take it in more… the coaching and teaching  was also good as again made me realise that when there’s a safety situation taking control is better and then go back to coaching after… ”
Karen,  ADI

“…This is the definitive book about the Standards Check and I would wholeheartedly recommend all ADIs to read it and absorb the information… it’s all here, the risk management, coaching, how to start the lesson and all those other things we ADIs worry about… I fretted about about whether I was doing things correctly, as ‘they’ want and this book offers reassurance and confirmation… it’s not jargon, it’s a book that talks to you… Very, very helpful… ”
Andrew,  ADI

“…I’ve read the book a couple of times now – it’s been so helpful… I’m much clearer on what is required… The Risk Management section really helped… things such as share of responsibility, over-instructing, changing the lesson plan… I also like the example of the briefing at the start of the lesson… Simple and straightforward to follow… Thanks again… ”
Marcus,  ADI

“…I liked the way the book is laid out and the advice given is very constructive… I don’t usually review books but I’ll make an exception for this as it’s just what I needed… A Grade A book, in fact!”
Pritti,  ADI

“…Brilliant service – I ordered the book at 11.30pm in the evening and you’d texted the next morning before 8am to say it had been processed and sent by first class post! …I also appreciated the personal hand-written note and the care taken with the packing of the book… just started reading it and it’s extremely informative and just what I was looking for… ”
Julie,  ADI

“…Really really interesting… Very good guidelines… Especially on how to cope and to change the plan if possible… Very grateful for your advice…”
Mohammad,  ADI

“…Thanks to your book I scored 47, Grade A… Chapter 5 was such a help… I have been a driving instructor for 23 years and would not have explained about the balance of the responsibility if I didn’t have the book for reference… The other chapters were a great revision reference to help me remember I was coaching and not teaching… Maximum client input was very important and keeping my client involved was very helpful… Overall I believe that I would not have achieved a grade A without the book… Thank you for my A… ”
Gina,  ADI

“…I sat my Standards Check yesterday and passed with a B, 41 points… Your book is excellent, especially since I haven’t been instructing for 5 years and I just don’t want to give up my badge – I worked too hard to get it in the first place!… What I found most useful in the book was the ‘Starter for 10’ on page 19 and the chapter on Risk Management… The book was easy to read and understand… ”
Suzanne,  ADI

“…Having bought your SC book I decided to look at your other publications [very tempted by the Blueprint diagram book]and got the Core Competencies Made Even Easier book… it is excellent and gave me a greater understanding of the core comps and how to use them… adding in the coaching techniques described in the SC book has meant I now enjoy teaching more – and so do my pupils!”
Lawrence,  ADI

“…Big day was today and I passed with a Grade A, scoring 46/51… This was the only training aid I used… The aspect I found most useful was the Risk Management, but it was all helpful… Thank you so much… ”
Sarah,  ADI

“…Just wanted to thank you for writing the ‘Standards Check: Essential Information’ book… I found it really informative and it helped me understand how the risk management and the client centred learning was to be conducted… Had my Standards Check today and scored 46… I was very unsure of how the risk and responsibilities were to be shared so chapter 5 and element 1 really helped clarify that… Also chapter 8 understanding coaching… I will definitely recommend your book and keep it close to me for any difficulties that may occur within my driving career… Thank you for helping me achieve a grade A… ”
Catherine,  ADI

“…Passed with an A! Thank you for tor encouragement… What I found useful was using the sheet with each part of the process from recap to recap… this meant that I was kept on track all the way through… Very nervous at start for first 15 minutes… Pupil really liked the format of lessons, especially taking small sections and several breaks to discuss… She said she felt she made better progress than before… ”
John, ADI

“…Just to let you know that I had my standards test today, went really quite well considering it was my first one. Got a B :)… I didn’t do any additional training or use any other source… I only read your book thoroughly, and planned my whole lesson using it. …Very pleased to say it paid off. I want to say thank you for writing a book which actually was a pleasure to read :)… And I’ve never really been much of a reader lol… Best thing of all was that everything was simplified and nothing seemed like rocket science 🙂 ”
Samina,  ADI

“…I would just like to give a big thank you regarding the book for the standards check test… It was fantastic and helped me achieve a grade ‘A’ yesterday… I scored a 46… I recommend it to all ADIs who are worried about the check test… ”
Mark,  ADI

“…Had my first Standards Check today… Happy with the result – Grade A – with the help of your book… What helped a lot was the emphasis on the risk management… I also had the courage to change my lesson plan… Thanks very much… ”
Warren,  ADI

“…I bought your book to pass the Standards Check… I’m Very Impressed with your book as I’ve just had a Grade A… Many thanks… ”
Dylan,  ADI

“…My husband passed his Standards Check with a Grade A today… he found your book of great assistance… very helpful and a great way to find all the information in one place… ”
Audrey on behalf of Douglas,  ADI

“…Received book in good time after placing order… The packaging  was very well done, enjoyed the personal touch  i.e. Signed card… The size and quality of paper is first class…  After having a quick read through it first time I thought that it was very repetitive, but I only realised later how much thought you had put into the book, the reasoning became very clear…  The best chapter is number 7 where everything became clear… I learnt a lot  from “setting the scene” this was very well put together… The other chapter which was a great help to me was chapter 9, risk assessment and management… ” Tarlochan,  ADI

“…This book has really clarified for me what is required… I’d been on the internet before but it was all myths and half-truths and I ended up confused! Your book gave me clear, correct advice on how to coach and manage the risks! Thank you!!”
Ayesha,  ADI

“…The book for the standards check is outstanding and it helped me get the highest score on my third attempt… it’s a pity I didn’t discover it earlier! ”
Michael,  ADI

“…Thank you for your very useful book on the Standards Check you sent me earlier in the year… I took my test today and got a Grade A with 46/51. Couldn’t have done it without the book… the most helpful part of the book was the ‘positive’ things to do on each category, as opposed to the ‘negative’ things… Thank you again!”
Phil,  ADI

“…It’s all good and I found myself reading it in the car between lessons, this gave me a ‘top up’ for the next lesson… the real ‘light bulb’ [more like a bolt of lightning] moment came when I read on page 11 about us ADIs having the knowledge, resources and helpful attitude and then matching those to suit the interests, needs and curiosity of the student… I had to read that bit a few times before the penny dropped, then boom! I got it… It was a sudden realisation and I now approach every lesson with a new attitude of ‘I’ve got the skills and experience, what would you like to learn and how can I best do that for you’… ”
Steve,  ADI

“…Reg here – passed today with a Grade A 44/51… without your book I would have failed… the examiner was pleased I was embracing the coaching methods… Many many thanks… ”
Reg,  ADI

“…Have now read the book and found it excellent – 5 Stars! Having been an ADI for the last thirty plus years and an instructor trainer for the last fifteen I found your book to be highly informative, logical and structured… This is the best book regarding the current Standards Check… ”
Ron,  ADI

“…I looked at other books but chose this one because of your information and background… I remembered your other books such as core comps when I did my Part 3 and liked that a lot… this new one is everything I could hope for – tells me everything I need to know… ”
Muhammad,  ADI

“…I am finding your Standards Check publication very informative… and I am trying to incorporate the methods into my lessons… I liked the advice to self-grade… the other chapters I like are the coaching and risk management…”
Jill,  ADI

“…Having read the book I definitely felt a lot more more confident going into my Standards Check… without it I think I would have blundered into it and got a low mark… as it was, I scored 42 and very close to an A… I know exactly where I went wrong so only myself to blame…”
Geoff,  ADI

“…Best service, best content, best book – buy it!”
Steve,  ADI

“…If you only buy one book about the standards check, get this one… clear, straightforward and mega helpful…”
Suzanne,  ADI

“…Superb service… delivered ultra fast and exactly what I wanted… the dialogue between the ADI and examiner is really, really helpful… I was wondering how I should start and this book tells me how!”
Leah,  ADI

“…I am pleased to say I passed my SC today… without your book I would have struggled… it was money extremely well spent… forty pounds is much better than sleepless nights and more checks… I suffered from neither because I knew that I had the information and guidance… “
David,  ADI

“…What I liked about the book was that it was very clear and to the point… Serious but enough humour!… It helped to give me ideas on a pupil I can take because that was one of my concerns… it was good the print was big enough to read without my glasses on! Its down to me now to start bringing in health/risk factors into each lesson… ”
Christina,  ADI

“…Makes the whole process understandable and straightforward – answers all the questions I had in my mind, and more… Superb! ”
Jas, ADI

“…I ‘mystery shopped’ your book and compared it to others in the same sector… it was most highly rated… most authoritative… best value for money… free shipping… presentation – very carefully packaged… best service and kept informed at all stages and follow up texts as well – very impressive…”
Graeme,  ADI

“…The ‘Starter for 10’ (or even 12 if you do it well!) was good and keeps me focused and gives a great starting point.. I’m also using the ‘post-it note’ technique to ensure I deliver the pupil’s goals!”
Martin,  ADI

“…Wow! Super Service… my book arrived today [ordered previous day at 2pm] … Thanks! ”
Sarah,  ADI

“…Very impressive… from the excellent delivery (I ordered at 3pm and it was with me next day) to the thought and attention to detail that has gone into this book… ”
Stuart,  ADI

“…Simply the best! Better than all the rest… no, I’m not going to sing it but I will sing the praises of this book… exactly what I wanted, and needed, to know… very easy to read, understand and absorb…Thank You! ”
Alison,  ADI

“…I particularly like the ’17 Rs Pathway to Standards Check Success’ – it’s a gem!… I also like the section on coaching and how to have the risk conversation… I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every ADI… ”
Michael,  ADI

“…The new sections are very useful… well put together, clear and concise… packed with good, sound information… I found the case histories very useful… I read through the chapters and think ‘I like that’ and then introduce those aspects into my lessons… ”
Ann,  ADI

“…The best just got better! I like the extra information in this new book… the Eye of The Tiger will stay with me and I’ll put it into practice…”
Rory,  ADI

“…It’s very informative… well set out which makes for very easy reading… clear explanations… ”
Steve,  ADI

“…The book is great… wonderfully-written… Thank you… ”
Diane,  ADI

“…I achieved a Grade A yesterday 🙂 … I do have a habit of self-doubting, however your book gave me some valid reassurance as well as being informative… Thanks again… ”
Andrea,  ADI

“…Just to let you know I had my Standards Check today and passed:-)…didn’t get an A but a good B, 39/51, with no zeros or ones in any section…I’d like to thank you for your book, especially in the last very stressful week… what really helped was being able to refer to it if I suddenly wanted clarification on any point rather than having to rely on various urban myths!… my last check test was only a 4 so I’m very pleased with this result… I have also enjoyed my lessons over recent weeks honing my coaching skills… ”
Jon,  ADI

“…The book is great and I would recommend it further… it was a great eye-opener and has a wealth of knowledge… the book is worth the money!”
Atsham,  ADI

“…Since reading the book I’ve changed my teaching style and it is now more pupil-centred and definitely gets better results… It’s like driving with the handbrake on (old style) and the handbrake off (new style)… the handbrake is now definitely off and I’m up and running!”
Gerry,  ADI

“…I’ve read your book three times so far and made notes… I like different parts each time… I like the way you explain risk and coaching clearly, and your explanation of the form… the case histories helped and showed that I’m not on my own! I tried coaching today on my pupil – what a difference, I really enjoyed it and so did my pupil… ”
Nadia,  ADI

“…I’m finding your book very helpful  and I have been gradually bringing in some of your ideas into my lessons and finding teaching more enjoyable… My Standards Check is soon and previously I would have been satisfied to scrape a pass but now I’m aiming for an A Grade…. Many thanks…”
Jeff,  ADI

“…I liked the explanation about the Risk management, it’s importance, and the ‘toast’ metaphor certainly made me think very carefully about it and kept it uppermost in my mind…”
Jack,  ADI

“…I found your book extremely easy to understand and it was incredibly clear in terms of what was required in order to pass the Standards Check… you will remember that I was only 5 months through the Part 3 when ‘the invitation’  landed on the floor, much to my alarm… Today I passed my SC with an A and I know you will understand how delighted I am… I was not in a position to take any further training however your book made the path to success very straightforward… My actual score was 46…Thank you very much for writing such an informative, well laid out and well written book… ”
Sandra,  ADI

“…I got 50 out 0f 51!!!! A Grade A!!!! [exclamation marks ADI’s own]… having the book as well as the training enabled me to check things and gave me the back up and confirmation I needed…”
Sarah,  ADI

“…Relieved to let you know that I received an A score for my Standards Check today… thank you very much for your help… in the book I found your advice about CCL [client-centred learning] to be most useful… the examiner said that I had done my research!”
Bill,  ADI

“…The book is clear, concise and left me in no doubt as to what was required… Helpful…”
Terri,  ADI

“…Your publication ‘ADI Standards Check: Essential Information’ is a very good tool for the job… it’s very easy to understand and follow up…”
Jamil,  ADI

“…The book is to the point and simply gets the message across in a way that is very easy to take in… I’d looked at all the stuff online and found it confusing and unhelpful… your book tells me exactly what to do and how to do it…”
Parvesh,  ADI

“…I found the chapters about what to avoid most useful, and used them as a sort of check list… I liked going back to the book after lessons to check that I was doing it correctly… ”
Laura,  ADI

“…The previous reviews about this book are spot on… I cannot recommend it highly enough and would say that if you’re taking your Standards Check soon just get this book… thanks also for the very speedy delivery and for letting me know the progress of all stages of my order…”
Linda,  ADI

“…The book is very good and tells you what you need to do… I felt isolated, working as an independent ADI and not knowing any others who had taken the Standards Check: you can feel as if you’re out of step with everyone else… this book gives me a lot of confidence…”
Sunil,  ADI

“…Just to let you know that I have taken and passed my Standards Check today with a Grade A [47/51]… Your book certainly helped with the structure, planning and word patterns… It is ALL essential reading and I read it cover to cover 5 times… It worked a treat… I had no training other than the book which is worth its weight in gold and highly recommended… Many thanks and continued success!”
Darren,  ADI

“…Superb service: ordering and posting very efficient and very professional… the book is clear, well laid out and does what it promises… I rate this book very highly…”
Ian,  ADI

“…Passed my Standards Check today with 45/51 which as you know is a Grade A… Your book was very helpful, especially the risk management – thank you so much…”
Hasan,  ADI

“…The book is both a great overview of  what’s being looked for with lots of practical help and also has lots of extremely detailed information about what’s required at every stage of the lesson… I especially like the positive and negative characteristics lists… All in all a really well laid out and easy to read manual which sets out everything an ADI would need to know… I had very little idea of what was required before reading this and now its much clearer…Thank you!”
Lorna,  ADI

“…The emphasis on evidence of competence is very useful and made me realise that I’ve got to be seen and heard to demonstrate the skills…”
Byron,  ADI

“…I was ignorant of the importance of risk management and the fact it should be in every lesson… I also had no clue about the two examiners and three strikes… the book really helped to clarify the grey areas…”
Michelle,  ADI

“…Not just efficient service but super-efficient!! I really appreciated that you kept me informed at all stages of the order and despatch of the book which arrived next day… I like the coaching chapter and all the sayings… risk management is now a lot clearer…”
Simon, ADI

“…I had no clue about much of the information in here and things like checking the weather and roads, seems obvious now I’ve read them… thank you for the clear format and structure… Recommended!!”
Carole, ADI

“…Chapters to savour are the ones about coaching and risk management which had always puzzled me… also the interviews with instructors who had taken the test were revealing and informative…”
Gary,  ADI

“…To use that famous phrase ‘on a scale of 1 – 10’, how useful did I find this book? A very solid 10 because it ticks all the boxes about what I wanted to know… it has given me a lot more confidence in the run up to my standards check…”
Caroline,  ADI

“…Brilliant service!! I ordered this out of hours and my text was responded to within minutes… the order process was quick and easy and I was informed at each stage… the book arrived by next post… I’ve just started reading the book and it is very, very good…”
Julie,  ADI

“…It’s just the job – very detailed and up to your usual meticulous standard… I don’t know any ADIs who have taken the Standards Check so it was a bit of a grey area… I feel a lot happier about it now I have your Essential Information…”
Avril,  ADI

“…I carefully researched what was available and this book seemed to tick all the boxes… the feedback was excellent so I had high expectations and it exceeded those! Well done!!”
Claire,  ADI

“…I passed my Standards Check with a Grade A today… this book really made all the difference… I found it all most informative and made my lesson plan around it… the examiner was very impressed and with the information about the risks – from your book – I got 14 out of 15 in the Risk Management section… without reading your book I would have got nowhere near that… thank you very much…”
Ian,  ADI

“…I’ve started reading it and you’ve got skills… Very impressed!”
Michelle,  ADI

“…Much, much better than other books I’ve seen about the subject…”
Tariq,  ADI

“…Absolutely brilliant – I like the detailed explanations of each heading on the report form…”
Phil,  ADI

“…In one sentence, I thought the ‘in one sentence’ explanations were great!”
Caroline,  ADI

“…This book was recommended to me and I heartily recommend it to all instructors… don’t leave it until you get your test appointment but start planning now… very useful info and worth every penny…”
Jonathan,  ADI

“…I wish I’d bought this book a month ago! It’s easy to understand and I like the information about feedback and the risk management…”
Harvey,  ADI

“…Excellent quality and service… Brian took the time to chat about my standards check and he is very knowledgeable… the book reflects that and arrived very promptly the next day, superbly packaged and presented… I was pleased to see there is a £50 voucher off a day’s training and I’m seriously thinking about that before my standards test…overall, ultra-professional!”
Stephen,  ADI

“…I personally categorise this book as a must-read for all driving instructors and PDIs…”
Frank,  ADI

“…It set me thinking along the coaching route and provided some clear ways in which to do that… I liked all the quotes about coaching, especially the ‘speaking is silver but listening is pure gold’…”
Mohammad,  ADI

“…I liked the bit about Sir Dave Brailsford and his take on coaching… ”
Mick,  ADI

“…Anyone who has seen Brian’s previous works will know his books are always well laid out, informative and excellent value for money…”
The ADI Federation

“…Have read through the book and find it very helpful… It seems very informative and a good aid for the Standards Check…”
Dave,  ADI

“…I’ve just started to go through the book… so far, very useful information… it’s very well detailed and easy to understand… ”
Tasnim,  ADI

“…That bit about the instructor ‘discovering’ coaching and not making it boring really struck a chord with me… ”
Keith,  ADI

“…Worth twice the price…the information is obviously based on experience and in-depth knowledge… I like it a lot…”
Paresh,  ADI

“Thank you for the quick despatch… I immediately noticed the concise and clear descriptions… I’m sure it will help me greatly… ”
Bill,  ADI

“All the information is clear and well laid out, very clear in fact…The guidance of coaching is excellent with great examples of how it’s not just confined to our industry…a holistic view if you like…Much like the old ‘Core Competencies’ guide this is very easy to read and understand…”
Chris,  ADI

“I found this a very comprehensive guide to new Standards Check: ‘leaving no stone unturned’… I like your take on ‘effective’ coaching: ‘going with the grain’ and Chapter 8: Coaching Explained, has inspired me to try harder with coaching. From today I will ensure I have the ‘risk conversation’ on every lesson. I have also decided to ask my pupil’s to complete reflective logs after each lesson… Overall a great publication which I will recommend to the local ADI group… “
Kevin,  ADI

“All the facts and advice, nothing superfluous or unnecessary like adverts or filler photos… in fact this book is all killer and no filler! And great value for money… ”
Alison,  ADI

“Thanks for the amazing service – I ordered it at 3pm and it was with me the next morning… I like the fact it’s written with the ADI in mind and tells you exactly what you want to know…”
Graham,  ADI

“I like the comparisons on p.83 between the old check test and new Standards Check… also the coaching tips on page 62…”
Ash,  ADI

“The advice about how to step back and allow the pupil to be independent is very helpful and has given me a constructive way to put it into practice…”
Mick,  ADI

“I like this book a lot… The font is good, it’s easy to read and keeps you concentrating… Best chapter is the Risk Management and coaching…”
Iain,  ADI

“This is bloody good value – it’s like a training day in a book… The ‘In one sentence’, ‘Quick views’ and summaries are superb…”
Phil,  ADI

“‘The Stress test your Standards Check’ chapter was an eye-opener, and made me realise that it pays to consider every detail and plan ahead!”
Jane,  ADI

“Reading this book got me a Grade A with a score of 50/51. The training helped as well but with the book I could go back to it again and again to check how I was doing and to get some fresh ideas…”
Jim,  ADI

“Really good actually… I found  Chapter 8 (coaching) especially motivating. I’d say the book is pretty essential for someone like me, who forgets things and is pretty disorganised with revision systems. It’s all there…”
Chris,  ADI

“Without this book I’d be sleepwalking into my Standards Check, and I don’t think it would have been a sweet dream – more like a waking nightmare…”
Sue, ADI

“It’s a very logical book and I like the fact that it emphasises how essential risk assessment is… I also like the do’s and don’ts for each heading which make it very clear how you should do and what to avoid…”
Mark,  ADI

“This book will coach you to ‘A’ Standards Check success… ”
Michael,  ADI

“It was fuzzy before, now everything is in pure HD – very clear, and all has been revealed!”
Darren,  ADI

“Takes the guesswork out of this new test and leaves no stone unturned… I particularly liked the ‘in one sentence style’ to help explain the headings… ”
Jim,  ADI

“It’s a must-have for anyone with a Standards Check approaching… Look and learn!”
Warren,  ADI

“Brian is a wordsmith who ensures accurate, flowing prose that makes the subject understandable, and absorbing the information very easy…”
Tony,  ADI

“If you only buy one book about the Standards Check, this is the one… ”
Beth,  ADI

“Tells you the truth about the new Standards Check and explains everything clearly…”
Andy,  ADI

“Clear constructive step by step guidance, to help steer you towards success! Set out in such a logical way, to help you achieve a grade A…”
Jo,  ADI

“I really liked the chapter on coaching, which I’d never fully understood…”
Dave, ADI

“The Risk Management section was most helpful. I know it’s a crucial thing you have to do on test…”
Alison,  ADI

“This guy really knows his stuff – read it, absorb it and do it…”
Mark,  ADI

“Easy to read and understand – it all starts to make sense now…”
Debbie,  ADI

“This information helped me to get the grade A… I’m so happy, it’s more than I thought I’d ever achieve…”
Linda,  ADI

“Does what it says on the tin – gives you the Essential Information!”
Richard,  ADI

“Do you know what – this book cuts through all the  nonsense I’d seen and heard about the new test and plainly told me what I need to say and to to get that Grade A…”
Steve,  ADI

“What really impressed me about this book was the way it spoke to me in plain English and I instantly got what it was about…”
Prakash,  ADI

“Brilliant – the Risk summary brings everything together and it all gels…”
John,  ADI

“As a trainer I fully endorse this book for all ADIs, whether they are taking their first SC or one of many!!”
Michael,  ADI trainer