Ideal for PDIs and ADIs wanting definitive advice and guidance on these key skills, which are crucial to passing the new ADI Part 3 and the Standards Check.

So far, numerous clients have passed their ADI Part 3, check test, and now 237 have passed the new Standards Check with a Grade A using the information contained in this book.

All purchasers of the book will be given a £75 discount off a day’s ADI Part 3 or Standards Check training, based on the standard daily rate prevailing at time of booking.

SRP £40. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £45. The increase is due to rising paper prices and postage having increased over the years.

To buy this publication please text CCMEE to 07725 121 121 or order online at our shop.

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Binding: Perfect bound with card covers

Pages: 156

Word count: 25,714

Chapters: 16

Price: £40. Please note that as from 01.12.18 the price will be £45. The increase is due to rising paper prices and postage having increased over the years.

Postage: Free first class postage and packing is included. Special Delivery can be specified for an extra £7

Packing: Sealed in a cellophane wrapper and posted in a padded A4 envelope

This is what instructors say about this book:

“…This was highly recommended for the new Part 3… I like the structure and the framework it gives… also the examples of how to use the what, why and how are so useful – you can imagine yourself saying those phrases… ”
Sharon, PDI

“…I bought this for my Standards Check… it’s a brilliant combination to use with your Standards Check Essential Information book… to be honest, I’d forgotten parts of the core comps and this book brought them back with clarity and precision!”
Jamie, ADI

“…Just what I needed, all the specific resources are here and I now have a much better understanding of What, Why and How… linking this with the new book 1771 makes an ideal combination… Thank you so much for providing us PDIs with this treasure trove… ”
Rachael, PDI

“…Thank you for the very speedy delivery – excellent! Already I’ve learnt more from this book than in two months’ training… I also really like the 1771 Driving book… it completes my knowledge and gives me more information for my Part 3… ”
Darren, PDI

“…I’ve just been reading the Core Comps  book and I would have to say again very, very good… I can’t see how anyone could be without it… it’s a must to own for all driving instructors… it makes me realise the things I had stopped doing… I’m certain both your books will get me back on track ! Thank you 🙂 ”
Pete, ADI

“…I passed my Part 3 first time today and this book made all the difference… I found it to be precise and concise… the words and phrases helped enormously as English is my second language and I didn’t always feel confident but now I do… Thank you… ”
Manuel, ADI

“…Clear and concise… I now understand what they mean and how to use them… ”
Lee, PDI

“…I passed Part 3 yesterday with a 4/5 grading… your book on the Core Competencies was very useful… I believe the knowledge I got from the book made the difference… the what, why, how tables helped  – it’s easier seeing them written down in black and white… this made me feel more confident on test, knowing what to look for before the examiner was even able to make faults… ”
Roberto,  ADI

“…I just want to thank you and appreciate the good work you did on your publication… I strongly recommend this product for both new and old ADIs… the book is highly informative and equipped me with the confidence needed for the Standards Check test… just fantastic and highly helpful… I studied it before I went for my Standards Check and the result was a Grade A…. value for money… Thank you!”
Temitope,  ADI

“…Just what I needed – makes the core comps much more understandable… I like the way it’s been laid out… it’s given me a lot more information, and ammunition, for the Part 3…  especially about how the examiner assesses you and what they’re looking for… ”
Jaysen, PDI

“….It was the best book I ever bought… I passed my Part 3 today… a big thank you!”
Jim,  ADI

“…I refer to it as ‘The Bible’ and use it to help pupils pinpoint why faults are occurring, and then how to put it right…”
Andrew,  PDI

“…It’s reassuring to see the reasons in black and white, and then it gives me the confidence to say them…”
Len,  ADI

“…I wouldn’t have got through the Part 3 without this book…it’s so clear and straightforward, I understood it immediately…”
John,  ADI

“…Finally, finally, it all starts to make sense… this book is an absolute godsend and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly…”
Helen,  PDI

“…I wasn’t using the core competencies properly… this book put me back on course and I upgraded to a 5 on my Check Test…”
Jenny,  ADI