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C A R D I N G T O N   C O A C H I N G

This course will prepare you for the Cardington Special Driving Test for ADIs. This is an advanced driving test exclusively for ADIs.

This course comprises an initial assessment of the ADI’s driving followed by coaching sessions to raise the driving to the required standard.

Aspects of the driving to be developed will include: making progress, junction procedure, forward planning and risk management.

Set exercises will include: emergency stop, turn-in-the-road, left and right reverse, parallel and bay parking. Routes can include a wide variety of roads: dual-carriageways, motorways and open road driving on single-carriageway roads.

The minimum period is one day, which is five hours: 0930 – 1530 with an hour’s break for lunch. You would be welcome to take more than one day, either consecutively or split – for example one day in the near future and then another day shortly before your Cardington Test to ensure you are fully prepared.

The cost of this course is £365 + VAT at current rate, per day. Additional days, when booked and paid for at the same time as the first day, will be discounted.

The Cardington Special Driving Test lasts for around 1.5 hours during which the examiner will observe you driving. Your performance will be assessed and graded as one of four headings: A, B, C and D. There will be an eyesight test at the start of the test and you will be expected to demonstrate all of the set exercises.

To score an A grade you must accrue no more than three driver faults

The test fee of £144 is payable by the ADI. The training establishment will then contact the ADI when a test appointment becomes available

NOTE: If you buy two or more training days together you will receive a discount.

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