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E X A M I N E R   P R E P A R A T I O N

Please Note: There is Currently a Massive Examiner Recruitment Campaign by the DVSA and There is a Great Deal of Competition for Each Place. Make Sure You’re Properly Prepared for The Driving Element. You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression.

This course will help prepare you for driving assessment element of the Examiner selection process

This course comprises 5 hours’ one-to-one coaching to bring your driving up to the very high standard required to pass this test.

This will cover all of the manoeuvres, urban and rural driving including higher speed driving on national speed limit single-carriageway roads.

The 5 hours is usually taken as a one-day session of five hours.

This is a practical course and attendance will be required at the Training Establishment.

Usually one day, but you’d be welcome to take as many days as you like.

The cost of this course is £365 + VAT at current rate.

The examiner recruitment process [as from August 2017] consists of an online application with three stages: a personality test, an inter-personal behaviour assessment and a situational judgment test. If you’re successful, you’ll then be invited to a driving assessment of one hour at a local DTC.

There are specific criteria required for the driving test and these will be discussed in detail on the training session(s).

You’ll probably only get one shot at this so make sure it counts by preparing yourself thoroughly before undergoing this searching DVSA assessment.

It’s a fusion of skills: your own driving ability and how well you get on with your colleagues and customers.

There is always a great deal of competition for each examiner vacancy [around 40 candidates for each post] so ensure that you have the upper hand when you attend for the driving assessment. Its often called a ‘competition’ drive because you’ll be in competition with other applicants for a place. Therefore, your driving ability could determine whether you go through to the next stage. Why chance it?

Please call or text for more information: 07725 121 121

NEW BOOK | 1771 DRIVING see online shop

This new book has a section on how examiners become qualified, a day in the life of an examiner and a detailed account of the driving test which includes the wording used by examiners.

There is also an outline of the planned 2017 changes to the L test.

The book features skill sets for all driving procedures and explains current best practice.

Summary – an ideal book to study to give you an overview of the process of qualifying to be an examiner and a day in the life.

This is what clients say about this training:

“…I’m now through to the next round – thank you! I would have struggled without your help… I felt as prepared as I could have been… The techniques you gave me really helped for the role-play, which I was concerned about… I had post-it notes stuck on walls throughout the house with all your sayings on them and I got my other half to test me… The other candidates said they hadn’t had any coaching… I wonder if they got through… very much worth the money and the trip to see you… ” Sam

“…Superb techniques plus great knowledge… I felt super confident when I went for my role-play assessment – and passed! Without your help I wouldn’t of had a clue… grateful thanks… ” Gareth

“…Whatever it takes put everything on hold – Move your lessons… just rearrange everything to get Brian’s training – it will make all the difference and you won’t regret it! ” Sue

“…Now passed both parts – the driving and role-play – and been put on the merit list… your training was spot on and you know exactly what they’re looking for… ” Frank

“…Because I wasn’t an ADI I felt at a disadvantage but you gave me techniques and strategies for both elements and they helped me to be successful – passed! Worth taking the training – don’t think about, just book it… it was the best thing I did… now looking forward to my new career as an examiner… ” Sarah

“…I was deciding whether to take the training or not, what with time off work and the travelling… but do you know what – I’m so glad I did and the feeling of confidence and having the edge over others was well worth it… ” Rob

“…The way you prepared me for the driving was excellent… although I thought my driving was good you took it to the next level… I liked all the guidance and tips that you offered… Superb and well worth the investment… ” Debbie

“…What helped me most of all was the report writing which was something I was concerned with… ”  Kuldeep

“…Many thanks to you for your guidance regarding the role play… The training you provided was excellent and I felt 100% ready for the day… I couldn’t have been better prepared… I was worried because I’ve never been for an interview in my life… ” Justin

“…Have now been offered a post!… Thank you for your help, definitely would not have got this far without it…”  Phil

“…Thank you for the training and perceptive advice and guidance… I felt confident and well prepared…”  Ray

“…I went to Cardington feeling upbeat and ready for the driving and role play…”  Pat

“…Talking to the other candidates it became obvious they hadn’t prepared, especially for the role play, whereas I felt I had a clear strategy…”  Steve

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