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AS from 04 June 2018 ADIs in dual-controlled cars will be able to teach learners on motorways. This course will thoroughly prepare you for this with detailed information and guidance. 


This course comprises 2.5 hours one-to-one coaching to enable you to have the knowledge and framework to teach on motorways. Office based and on-road.

This course covers how to coach learners to join, drive on and leave motorways.  Detailed notes will be supplied which cover all aspects of motorway driving.

A certificate will be supplied for attendance and this counts towards your CPD.


Half a day – 09h30-12h00 – which can be taken to suit your current teaching commitments.


The cost of this course is £182.50 + VAT at current rate.


Having completed this course, you’ll have the skills necessary to enable you to train learners on motorways. This can be a more lucrative earning opportunity and develop your career further.

Advice can be given to help you encourage clients to take their driving to the next level.


“…I’d say for me being aware of the important aspects of driving on a motorway… how to join, middle lane hogging causing careless driving and scissoring to mention a few… the motorway training has filled in gaps in my knowledge, after all I hadn’t been taught myself professionally… I feel more confident that I will be delivering a structured lesson now using the standard terms rather than my own… “ Rob P, ADI 4 years

“…The mway course I found very helpful because driving in a town on familiar routes I tended to forget some essential things about the motorway…  So now I am aware to pay attention to every detail on the motorway and talk to my pupil about it… It’s not only to look for the signs with a direction, I have learned how important it is to keep up with the traffic flow on the motorway… I do think it was a right decision to go for the training and learn and remind myself of lots important things about the motorway before I take pupils on the motorway…Aneta, ADI 2 years

“…I liked how we characterised certain drivers, watching out for the closing speed of vehicles or any scissor type actions by other road users… This can all be easily identified by the pupil and it keeps them actively involved in their driving and builds there awareness… In regard to the pre-driving checks, I now get the pupil to check the traffic information, it gets them more involved and to get them to plan an alternative route as a back up plan… I would thoroughly recommend this course… “
Cal, ADI 26 years

“…I thought the knowledge I already had would have been enough but I learned so much on this course that I went away fully prepared and very confident to take a learner on a motorway… Brian has put the course together so you could have the lesson ready to give the next day – there’s no way I could have covered everything that Brian has included in these notes… I would thoroughly recommend this course to all ADIs because pupils will expect their instructor to take them out – so be prepared now! I thoroughly recommend Brian – his courses are always professional, always backed up with the correct industry knowledge to assist your learning, and you also get CPD points…Maria, ADI 1 year

“…Scissors et al was a more simplified  way of describing the actions of other motorway users… ghost jam was revelatory… “ Rob D, ADI 30 years

“…Very professional, learned a lot a lot and now have a clear idea of how to approach this topic… well worth it and  highly recommended… “ Dean, ADI 2 years

“…Really enjoyed the session, a good balance between theory and practice… Now have a fantastic framework for teaching motorways… thank you!” Michelle, ADI 7 years

“…Superb course… thorough and comprehensive with all the right touches that make for effective coaching… humour and knowledge combined make for excellent learning tools… “ Prakash, ADI 15 years

“…Really enjoyed this course and learned a lot more about motorways than I previously knew… now feel really confident to teach my learners on motorways… ” Carl, ADI 3 years

“…What an eye opener… I liked the way you structured the course and showed me how to teach it… very professional and thorough… highly recommended… ” Anwar, ADI 11 years

“…I really had no clue how to teach on motorways as I’d not done this before… your course has inspired me… I want to start teaching it now! ” Sue, ADI 4 years

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