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THIS course will ensure that you know all the fine details, the nuts and bolts of it, the nuances that can make all the difference between a pass or a fail. This way, you can ensure your pupils are fully prepared for their tests.


This half-day course comprises 2.5 hours’ one-to-one coaching to bring your training up to the very high standard required to teach your pupils about this new test.

This course covers in detail the changes: the revised tell/me show me questions, the new reversing exercises and the ID [independent Driving segment].

There will be a practical segment wherein the sat nav is demonstrated – the exact spec the DVSA will use – and all of the show me questions and also the reversing exercises and Independent Driving

A certificate will be supplied for attendance and this counts towards your CPD.


Half-day, two and a half hours. Office and on-road.


The cost of this course is £182.50 + VAT at current rate.


Having completed this course you can teach your pupils with added confidence, knowing the exact requirements.

If you bring along the sat nav TomTom Start 52, advice will be given to set it up exactly as the examiners’ devices will be.


“…I’d read the DVSA booklet about the new test but it raised more questions than answers… Your course gave me all the answers!” Matt

“…Thank you… really enjoyed the course, especially using the sat nav and trying the new exercises… very well worth it… ” Kumar

“…It really helped that I’ve experienced all of the changes first hand… valuable information to pass on to pupils… very professional… ” Chris

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