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O R D I T   T R A I N I N G

This course will prepare you to teach others to become ADIs, and will also enable you to confidently take the ORDIT inspection, on which your training skills will be assessed and it will be determined whether you should be admitted to the ORDIT Register.

The course has been adapted to take into account the change to the Part 3 test as from 27 December 2017.

This course comprises 10 modules, each lasting one day of five hours each. The ten modules follow the Standards Check framework and this ensures that all skill sets are covered.

Emphasis will be placed on coaching, and the key headings of Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching & Learning Strategies.

The minimum period is one module, which is five hours: 09h30 – 15h30 with an hour’s break for lunch. You can complete the course in an ad hoc manner, taking a day here or there, or a structured course of 10 modules which follows a ‘real life’ pattern of teaching.

The ten module course is usually taken as one or two modules per week or fortnight, spread over several months.

The cost of this course is £395 + VAT at current rate, per module. If all ten modules are paid for as one payment, there will be a 20% discount.

The ORDIT inspection lasts for around 2.5 hours during which the examiner will observe you training a client [role play is not an option]. You will be assessed under the following headings: core competencies, instructional techniques and instructor characteristics.

You will be successful if the inspector deems that your performance is to a satisfactory standard in all the above areas. Your record keeping and premises will also be inspected.

The inspection fee of £295.50 is payable by the ADI to DVSA. The ADI will then be contacted by the inspector to arrange a mutually convenient date for the inspection.

NOTE: If you buy two or more training days together you will receive a discount.

Here’s what ADIs say who have taken this course:

“…just calling to say I passed my ORDIT Inspection today… Yay!! Thank you so much for all your help… ”
Clare,  ADI ORDIT Trainer

“…Passed with all elements satisfactory… The examiner said if there was an ‘Excellent’ box he would have ticked that as well… Thanks Big Time… Really appreciated all the backing and support you gave me… ”
Costas,  ADI ORDIT Trainer

“…I passed my ORDIT inspection today, first time – it’s a great feeling and thank you for all your help… the work we did on the fault analysis was extremely helpful and I liked the way the course was structured with the 10 modules which ensured I have the knowledge in depth required to train others… ”
Warren,  ADI ORDIT Trainer

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