Terms & Conditions

T&Cs | Terms and Conditions

1. All training must be pre-paid, and is carried out on a one-to-one basis with no car-sharing.
2. The client’s own car will be used for ADI Part 2, ADI Part 3, Cardington, CPD, IAM and RoSPA,
Standards Check Guidance and Trainer Development. The car must be legal (with current tax), roadworthy and indicators / stop lamps must be in working order. Headrests, if factory fitted, must not be removed. If the car does not satisfy these conditions training will not be given and the fee will be forfeit.
3. Accommodation is available locally: B&B or hotels of various standards. Please ‘phone for details.
4. Refreshments (lunch etc.) can be obtained at various places in the locality.
5. No guarantee can be given regarding a client’s passing of any part of the ADI exam, or any test.
6. Clients will be advised about readiness, or otherwise, to take any part of the ADI exam.
7. All reasonable care, but no responsibility, will be taken for clients’ personal property.
8. All publications are supplied on a firm sale basis, not ‘sale or return’ or ‘see safe’..
9. No audio or video recordings, may be made either in-car or in the ‘classroom’.
10. You are advised to bring:

*Notepad and pens – All training
*Visual Aids – ADI Part 3 / Standards Check Guidance / Trainer Development
*’L’ Plates for car – ADI Part 3 / Standards Check Guidance / Trainer Development
*Interior and ‘eye’ mirror – ADI Part 3 / Standards Check Guidance / Trainer Development
*Current editions of Driving: the essential skills and / The Highway Code

It is also recommended that spare ‘L’ plates, notepads and pens be kept in the car to cover all contingencies.

11. Clients will be expected to prepare thoroughly before presenting themselves for practical training.
12. Refund policy: If at least 28 days’ notice of cancellation is given you will receive a refund of 100%*. If 27 -14 days’ notice is given you will receive a refund of 50%*. If 13 – 3 days’ notice is given you will receive a refund of 25%*. If fewer than two clear working days’ (Mon – Fri inclusive, excluding Sat, Sun and bank holidays) notice is given of cancellation, or if there is nonattendance for any reason, the fee will be forfeit. Any change of appointment will incur a £25 admin fee. After a change of appointment and subsequent cancellation no refund will be given. * All refunds will be subject to a 10% admin fee. Any materials supplied free of charge with training will be charged at full price and the amount deducted from any refund in the event of training cancellation.

13. Any discounts off training for purchasers of publications are offered based on the prevailing standard daily rate at time of booking. The offers are once-per-person and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and are not transferrable.

14. The standard daily rate is currently £365 plus VAT [at current rate] for all disciplines except ORDIT training, for which the daily fee is £395 plus VAT [at current rate]. The minimum period of practical training is one day. For telephone coaching, research and any other matters the hourly rate is £70 per hour, or part thereof, plus VAT [at current rate] Monday to Friday, the Saturday rate is twice the standard rate and the Sunday rate is three times the standard rate.

This notice supercedes all previous terms of business 01.01.06

When purchasing services or products you agree to abide by the above terms and conditions