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 This is what it means to pass your Part 3 and become an ADI:

“Hello Brian! Just wanted to say Thank you! As today a year ago I became an ADI… and it just changed my life… wish you all the best… “
Adela [Proud ADI]

Manmit who has passed the New ORDIT Inspection at the first attempt scoring a superb Grade A

This was the first of the new style ORDIT Inspections and Manmit’s pass maintains our 100% record of ORDIT passes.


T H E   A   T E A M

The number of ADIs that have achieved a Grade A through training or the books
now stands at:

259 GRADE As

Including six who have achieved 51/51 and eight who have scored 50/51

Congratulations to Steve – the first Grade A of 2019!

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Auto Express | Review – 02.02.17

“…This is aimed at all drivers, from when they start out at age 17 to 71 when they’re thinking about how safe they are to continue… Author Stratton has every driving qualification under the sun… the book is packed with his insight… “




A5 148mm x 210mm [5.8in x 8.3in]

BINDING: Perfect Bound

268 Pages




Who wrote it?
It’s been written by Brian M Stratton ADI, one of the UK’s highest qualified and most widely experienced ADI trainers. Brian is a Grade A [51/51] ADI and was previously a Grade 6 six times consecutively. He has written many acclaimed books for the industry and has also produced audio CDs, DVDs and Hazard Perception Test videos.

Why is it called 1771?
Because at 17 it’s the start of your driving career, and at 71 you can reflect on your experiences so far and look ahead to continued safe motoring. The ideal combination is an old head on young shoulders: a blend of experience and the correct techniques. It’s up-to-date and comprehensive.

Who is it designed for?
Learners will benefit by preparing for lessons and researching topics prior to attending for training. For PDIs and ADIs it provides essential information about risk management. No more grey areas or uncertainty about what is the best advice and current best practice. It’s the ideal complementary book to use alongside Core Competencies Made Even Easier and The ADI Standards Check: Essential Information.

What makes it different to other driving books?
It gives a fresh view on an old topic. With the driving test and ADI Part 3 changing in 2017, it’s an ideal opportunity to offer guidance on current best practice, both in driving and teaching. The book also offers a very wide range of comments from drivers at all ages and stages of their driving careers. It features the experience of not only the author, but numerous other drivers, instructors, trainers and former DVSA staff. They say you can’t buy experience. You can now. This book has insider hints and tips you won’t find anywhere else.

What are the chapters?
There are skill sets for all driving topics and they all have risks and consequences, rules, tools and expectations and hints and tips from a wide range of drivers. There are also chapters on: Risk, Phrases and Sayings used in Driving, Selfie Advice, What Grinds Your Gears?, Did You Know?, How Examiners and Instructors Become Qualified, The Driving Test, Are You Test Ready?, After The Test, The new 2017 Test, Night Driving and Adverse Weather, and Distracted Driving. It provides key information in order to minimise risk and maximise safety.

How has it been tested?
The book has been extensively road tested and read by learners, PDIs, ADIs, former examiners and supervising examiners, plus the general motoring public over its two year development. Hundreds of drivers of all ages and at all stages of driving were interviewed for the ‘What Grinds Your Gears?’ and the ‘Selfie Advice’ chapters.

How can I order it?
Just text 1771 to 07725 121 121 and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be sent a payment link and once fees have cleared, the book will be sent to you by first class post.

Or visit the online shop to order.

You can buy the book at discounted quantities to sell on to your pupils, or just pass on a payment link and the book can be bought at a discount when recommended by you.

See for more detailed information about the book, including reviews, history and Q&A with the author Brian M Stratton ADI 




The A Team of 2018

Congratulations Lyndsay- Achieved the First 51/51 in 2018

The First Grade A of 2018
Tuesday 02 January

Well Done Padam- Achieved a Grade A with
a Score of 43

237 ADIs – so far – have achieved a Grade A on their Standards Check as a result of the training and/or publications listed on this site
This includes six maximum scores of 51/51 and seven of 50/51


2017 Tally – 37 Grade As

All Time Running Total Since 2014 – 256 Grade As

The ADI Standards Check: Essential Information

Grade A and Maximum Score of 51/51 achieved by ADIs  by Reading The Book: ‘The ADI Standards Check: Essential Information’

“…Just brilliant… I never thought I’d score so highly but I just got myself 51/51!! I pretty much feel a 10 at the moment… Thank you so much… I really appreciate all your help and encouragement… Thank you so much for going the extra mile and helping me with my SC… ” Lyndsay ADI

“…I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic publication which helped me greatly… I recently did my Standards Check and thought I would share my good news with you – I scored 51/51! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ” Shafiq ADI

“…So, yesterday I had my test and I passed with an A, I got 51 out of 51!! I was ecstatic and pretty shocked! I found the book very useful… I read it through and through… I’ve only been an instructor for 6 years… there were certainly a few things that I had to brush up on and also introduce to my teaching… I am convinced that I wouldn’t have got that score without reading the book first… So, I would just like to say ThankYou!!! ” Louise ADI

“…Wow! What can I say? I thought I’d done OK but when told me it was a 51 I was gob-smacked… so pleased to have read your book and taken the training… it made all the difference and I just know that without the coaching I’d have been nowhere near this score… Thank you!!! ” Sue ADI

“…Just letting you know that my Standards Check was today and I got 51… Many thanks for your support over the years… ” Mark ADI

“…Wowee! I am overcome with joy… Thanks to you I got an A (51)… A big thank you for all your help and support… it was the structure and risk management that made the most difference… Still can’t believe it… I’m now after your number plate!! ” Manta ADI


The book to check your standards, before the Standards Check checks you...”

“What I liked about the book was that it was very clear and to the point… Serious but enough humour!”

“I passed my Standards Check with an A today… Your book made the path to success very straightforward… “